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Use Dynamics CRM to reimagine what’s possible for your business. Start with what you need, Get the best of it!

Who we are

Solutionade is software development and CRM consulting company, focused on delivering CRM solutions based on Dynamics CRM/365 platform, based in Skopje, Macedonia, working with clients worldwide and helping achieve their business goals through the Dynamics CRM/365 platform.

Along the years, Sulutionade has grown from just an idea and personal goals to a need of building the grounds for an organization and offshore consulting partner for many business developments . Our teams of IT professionals backed with an infrastructure to support our services and solutions, we have come a long way to be experts in application development and management.

Why Solutionade? Our mission is to aid our clients find a solution to their business challenges, and we are there to put all our experience and skill into making these solutions possible! ..well, at least the ones solvable with software development! 🙂

What we do

We’re partnering with small and medium businesses, enterprise teams and start-up firms to promise they’ll receive exceptional value whatever stage they’re at in their CRM journey. Our consultative approach ensures that our recommendations are based on a clear understanding of the business, the industry, the unique processes and challenges.

Our Expertise:

How we do it

Work Ethics

We start with defining the scope of requirements to offer a precise solution that would adequately respond to our customers’ needs. There will be no excessive and unreasonable customization that makes no positive change. There will be no surprise features that you didn’t want either. We deliver within the defined project scope, making sure you get the solution that meets both your expectations and budget.

In-depth comprehension:
As expert Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants, we have tested the capabilities and limits of the platform to offer cost-effective and reasonably effort-consuming solutions in any given case.
We know how to leverage the in-built Dynamics CRM tools to minimize your investment. In specific cases, where the lack of advanced customization impedes customer relationships and business growth, our Dynamics CRM functional consultant team is also ready to deliver sophisticated features, from all-round customer base management and sales automation to contact center integration and complex performance reports.

In our hands, Dynamics CRM turns into a highly scalable platform that is able to accommodate an ever-growing customer base without extra tweaks.

Our Tools:

> Dynamics CRM/365 Functional/Technical Consultancy
> Dynamics CRM/365 Development
> .NET Web Development
> Front End Development

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