Business Process & CRM/365 Consultancy Services

Business Process Consultancy

Solutionade has a passion for solving client business problems by recommending and architecting efficient and optimized solutions. We do that by reviewing and documenting client business processes, re-engineering the client’s processes to improve efficiency, and performing the functional tasks required for a successful CRM implementation.

Investing in thoughtful user experience design is the single most important decision you will make when building your custom mobile CRM application. Our consultants have the deep Know-how and proven record of applying CRM in one or more industries which gives the the unique ability to envision, architect, and evangelize CRM / xRM solutions within your projects.

Functional and Technical CRM/365 Consultancy

When implementing CRM/365 solutions, it is critical that it’s done using customizations and development techniques supported by Microsoft’s best practices. Failing to do so may lead to rendering your development useless and unfit for future upgrades, making your investment unusable. We advise in reusing all the Out-of-the-box functionality and CRM/365 Add-ons  provided on the market, saving the time and money that you would invest in implementing something that already exists.

We all know our business objectives. For the majority of time they are increasing leads & sales and creating brand awareness. But business objectives are not really hard to figure out, what is hard to figure out is: how to achieve these business objectives within the area of our responsibility and expertise and that too in the most efficient manner.

In order to implement your business requirements into CRM in a way that will be usable and efficient, you need to know what CRM can do and which is the best approach, most time efficient and safest to choose, that also fits right into the rest of your project and build a compatible solution that will work in the future as well and can be expanded along with your business.

Our team of experts understand the modules, the set up, configuration options available and all the CRM functionality, and they have the key skill of being able to map the requirements of the customer to the capabilities of the CRM/365 system. They are here to provide you with clear and succinct answers if you want to achieve real business benefits from your CRM system. Side by side with us, you’ll manage to develop a strategic roadmap to guide your CRM conception to implementation and more.

Let us work with you to find the best way in which your needs can be translated into valid CRM features, in the most user friendly and intuitive way!

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