Custom Solutions Design & Development

Custom Solutions Design & Development

Custom Solutions Design 

At Solutionade, we listen to our client’s needs and bring them solutions that make they CRM system work! We can help you throughout the entire life-cycle of your project, enabling you to develop custom business software solutions that automate your business processes across the enterprise, delivered on time, on budget and on demand.

The first step to a susseccful Business Process is designing an efective and usable solution, that cover data base diagrams, software components, extensions and addons. With tools like Enterprize Architect we make possible prototyping and visualizing the full process of your business, getting us fully ready to implement it in the smallest detail in a time and cost effective manner.

Customizations & Extensions

A custom CRM solution puts you in control because the downside to some solutions is that they are built around someone else’s process. If you want to use it, you need to re-learn the way you do business. But what if the way you do business now isn’t broken? With custom CRM solutions, you can keep the processes that you’ve perfected with years of experience, trial and error. With a system that you can tailor to your needs, you can decide how to log information. Going electronic has it’s advantages. It brings accountability. Time and Date stamped notes and actions will allow you to self-manage and manage others.

What we can do:
> Customize personal theme
> Customized entities and relationships, forms, dashboards, Ribbon and Sitemap
> Develop Extensions and Plugins for more complete workflows and requirements
> Integrating with the company’s ERP system, email synchronization, other software and Plug-ins
> Mobility device integration

The great thing is, YOU decide what is important. Have a policy where customers are contacted 1, 2, or 3 times? Custom CRM solutions are perfect for that. You decide how they work!

Custom Web Development

Portals are websites that you can customize to provide a more personalized experience to your customers, partners, or internal employees. By creating a custom portal, you can deliver a branded repository where portal users can perform a number of tasks. It’s your best choice to bring the most of the required information out to your clients or partners, though internet!

We are using javascript, .Net, .NET NVC, Angular and many other tools to bring these portals to you, anything that you might need. Because we know how much the functionality of portals can vary so our team of experts will be here to help you find your best solution.

3rd Party Apps Integration

All businesses today are focusing more on customer and front office to be able to provide higher value-added services and support to them. The reason for doing so is obvious it helps them maximize their ROI, lead to greater customer satisfaction, ensures higher revenue leading to healthy bottom line. And for doing these businesses need effective CRM. There are various factors which influence effectiveness of CRM, and one of the factors is to have a CRM system which unifies your people, systems and processes thus leading to higher productivity for users, profitable relationships with customers and maximum impact on business values.

As CRM becomes more strategic, it must encompass more functional areas within enterprise. That means CRM must integrate with an even larger number of systems. And businesses must interoperate seamlessly with diverse in-place systems so then can leverage the substantial investments they have made in those systems.

While Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides great features and capabilities as stand-alone application, customers frequently want to integrate their CRM system with other existing applications or web-based services. Some of these integration are simple one-way nightly feeds, while other integration require real-time bi-directional updates.

What integration we offer:
> Data base integrations: SQL, Scribe;
> System integrations: ERP, Sharepoint, Azure, Office 365;
> Emails Services intergation;
> Customer support facilities (live chat, call center).