Migration & CRM Upgrades

Upgrading your CRM installation


Microsoft is keeping up with the clients needs and working day and night to bring new features into their CRM platform to make our lives easier. Every time they have important functionalities to be released to the users they are have a major update. So far Dynamics CRM had 4 major version updates: to 2011, 2013, 2015 and 365. It’s important to note that CRM does not support skipping versions. A client who is running CRM 4.0 in production will need to have their database upgraded to CRM 2011, and then to CRM 2013 before the database can be upgraded to CRM 2015.

When we are doing a platform upgrade, let it be a single or a multi-version upgrade, we analyze the whole client’s system from many points of view (javascript usage, plug-ins, integrations and custom reports plus any specific functionality your business process my contain) and we will make a complete one time offer for the entire upgrade, presenting you with the key points our team will have to keep in mind when migrating your system to a newer version.

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Data Migration

Some of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 customers were using some sort of CRM software system prior to purchasing one of its versions. Of course, they want to keep as much of their old data as possible so that they don’t need to re-type data or start with a blank database. Therefore almost all of our projects involve a procedure for data migration process where we extract data from their old system(s) and load it up into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

It is important for an organization to have the required amount of expertise to ensure smooth migration of data from existing system to the new system. Even though the actual migration is largely done by the partner, the support has to come from the implementing business organization in terms of ensuring that the partner understands the data points and their significance.