Why Solutionade

At Solutionade, our team has implemented CRM systems for years and has made a lot of businesses happy. We understand the features and functionality that are important to business users, and we also know the common pitfalls and challenges that redirect users to a CRM Solution.

Our CRM technology choice is only Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The reasons are simple; its familiar user interface, seamless integration with Microsoft Office, customization flexibility, platform scalability and its multiple deployment options. These components make it the best CRM technology investment for any organization looking to implement a CRM strategy.

Focused on your success

We approach every project with great responsibility, striving to achieve maximum quality with seriousness and professionalism. The client’s success is also our success.

Leverage our Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on components, industry frameworks, and customer successes to optimize user adoption and avoid pitfalls that could challenge your overall CRM strategy.

Our experience is delivering CRM Project Success

Each employee is committed to the success of each customer engagement. We always focus on the success of our projects with our logical CRM implementation.

Delivering high quality CRM technology solutions helped our clients streamline their sales, marketing and service operations over the years.

We are 100% focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Having started in 2015, we are a relatively new company, but our dedication to Microsoft Dynamics CRM has never let a client down. All of our employees have experience with previous versions of Dynamics CRM, and some of them date back to version 4.

Our approach is unique.

We view Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a flexible business platform rather than just a “front office” CRM application. Today’s CRM is about the platform; one where any organization, no matter what their industry, can define and manage information around the relationships most important to them.

Our customers run across the industry spectrum. From Wealth Managers to Christmas Tree Brokers, from Insurance Agents to Coffee Manufacturers, and Non-Profit Education Providers to Biotechnology R&D companies; all having relationships and information to manage around people, money, products, services and “things” specific to their organization.

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