Ensure productivity and improved service operations with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Creating and delivering solutions that make working in the field easier

If you are a service-focused organization delivering on-site installations and break/fix repair, Dynamics 365 Field Service helps you improve productivity on the field and increase customer satisfaction.  With automated workflows, scheduling algorithms and mobility combined, you can manage and empower your on-site workers to fix customer issues quickly and efficiently. 

Fix issues before they appear

Automatically create schedule and dispatch work orders and ensure the people with the right skills are assigned to each work order. Your field technicians get an overview of customer information and work order details that are automatically updated, synced and shared in real-time. 

Transform your business operations and shift from a scheduled services model to predictive and proactive maintenance empowered by IoT data. With automated voice and text appointment reminders ensure your customers are heard at all times and issues are fixed before they even notice.  

Through personalized surveys you can create and send to your customer after each field service interaction, you get an understanding of your customer’s needs and satisfaction levels. 

Bring proactive service experiences to your customers

Ensure your service calls are prioritized and adressed by integrating Dynamics 365 Customer Service with Field Service and unifying customer and field service processes. Through a drag and drop interactive map, ensure all your technicians are scheduled to the right service workloads and bringing the right skillset to the field. 


Maximize utiliziation and respond to urgent calls, cancelations and delays through automated scheduling. Increase transparency by giving customers an overview of scheduling information, quotes and contracts and keep your customers engaged throughout the entire process. 


Transform your business processes

Give your field technicians context and detailed customer information through Dynamics 365 Guides which provide step-by-step procedures to be followed when your field service workers conduct maintenance work.

Empower your employees through Dynamics 365 Remote Assist video calls to ensure knowledge transfer and ensure your experienced technicians can consult in real time. 

You can stay offline and still track all service activity from work orders to asset information. Through the Field Service mobile app, your field workers get to manage work orders, appointments and customer data while creating text, photo, video or voice notes to help them deliver better cusomer service. 

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