Outsourcing CRM and its benefits

Outsourcing Dynamics CRM

Are you worried whether it’s wise and safe to outsource your Dynamics 365 CRM project implementation? Do you think it would be much better to have it in house rather than have a remote team helping you with it? Well, look no further! In the following post we are going to tell you why outsourcing your Dynamics CRM implementation and support can be beneficial for your company.

To start things off, not every company can have a CRM expert on their hands and we understand how difficult it can be to hire an external consultant or Microsoft Dynamics partner considering the sky-rocketing fees for Dynamics CRM consultants. Training an existing resource might also be an option but there is always a risk of the implementation and integration of your CRM to go astray. Well, we tend to believe your luck has come your way, while reading this post, as our certified Dynamics CRM team, specializes in delivering high quality projects and resources through remote and on-site work, can be at your disposal to help with the  implementation of your project in no time. A well-prepared team of developers can make your company rise to the top of its game and get the most bang for your buck.

So, what are the main benefits of outsourcing you might ask? Well, for starters, the cost for having a certified professional is greatly lower to have an off-site team helping you with your CRM processes than hiring someone local, whether it is a resource or a company. This is a great way to avoid large up-front investments and other expenses associated with internal deployment in favor of a more predictable monthly fee.

Enterprises can also take advantage of an outsourcer’s technical or operational expertise. Internal IT staff may not be as experienced in working with CRM software as an outsourcer. Expertise is a big deal in CRM, especially in marketing and the call center. It takes real experts to sort through a mailing list, eliminate duplicates, and pull out the right subset for each campaign.


The benefits

If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy relationship based on trust and mutual effort. But once trust is established between an enterprise and the outsource company, and the benefits are measurable and obvious, things fall very easily in their places. So, what are the crucial points of deciding to outsource your CRM project? For starters, you must be certain that the developers, architects and other resources working on your CRM projects, are professionals with years of experience in remote work. They know how to do their job with professionalism, and also as the most important thing, they are having great soft skills and are excellent in communication.  The cost-efficiency of having a remote-worker who can do the job with the same quality or even better while being offshore, is at great value.

Under the right circumstances, companies can save on infrastructure, staff, and other Dynamics CRM-related expenses. Outsourcing allows a business to save money and time. Business’ expenses may be reduced by up to 60%, since you only pay for work that you need.

We know the problems that outsourcing can have, but we also know exactly how to overcome them, so we focus only on the quality of the project implementation.

Go ahead and reach out to us, and get an assessment of your needs and a quote, we can assure you, your Dynamics 365 CRM project is waiting for us as well 😊

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