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Unifying every organizational aspect of your company under one easy to use platform for obtaining the best possible results out of your business.

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We provide scalable and stable solutions

Organizing how a business runs is the crucial step to success. We here at Solutionade provide solutions that will be custom-tailored to your business in order to maximize your success rate, reduce costs and find the best possible way for you to have an easy access to your records, project overview and monitoring on-going operations.

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an intelligent business solution which enables companies and organizations to grow and to contribute to their transformation and a healthy development. The most powerful asset to the Dynamics 365 is the customizability and its integrated business intelligence

Customer interaction
Easier interaction and engagement with customers across multiple channels
Operations optimization
Dynamics 365 enables your organization to have more organized processes and an optimal outcome of the operations going on, along with overseeing and monitoring how projects develop and how they are executed .
Employee management
Managing and organizing your employees is made easy with the Dynamics 365 as you can easily monitor their activities, tasks, workflow by using easily accessible tools to gain insight so they can work more effectively
Project transformaiton
Create new business models, automate processes and shift from being reactive to being proactive by adapting and infusing the latest modules and add-ons to your business

Dynamics CRM

At Solutionade, our first priority is meeting the expectations of our clients, and as such you have the final word when it comes to finalizing the outlook of the CRM you requested.

If you have chosen the Dynamics platform as the best solution for your organization, deciding a method of implementation and deployment might be tough. If you still haven’t decided whether you would go for the on-premise or the cloud version, we’re here to help you figure out what works best for your business.
Development, migration and updating
Solutionade takes great care of its clients, starting from the default version all the way to the final updates and total data migration. The development process begins when you as a client provide a draft of what you wish to achieve with your CRM. The first step is designing and building an effective and usable solution that covers the data base diagrams, software components, extensions and addons. With tools like Enterprize Architect we make prototyping and visualizing possible for the full process of your business, getting us fully ready to implement it in the smallest detail in a time and cost-effective manner. Microsoft is making sure that their clients’ needs are met and are working non-stop to deliver new features into their CRM platform to make their lives easier.
Custom web development
Among our development services, we also offer develop portals, which are websites that you can customize to provide a more personalized experience to your customers, partners or internal employees. By creating a custom portal, you can deliver a branded repository where portal users can perform a number of tasks. It’s your best choice to bring the most of the required information out to your clients or partners through the internet.
3rd party application integration
In order to maximize the ROI of an organization, the front office and customer focus has taken a major part in today’s businesses. While the Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides great features and capabilities as a stand-alone application, customers frequently want to integrate their CRM system with other existing applications or web-based services, some of which are simple one-way nightly fields while others require real-time bi-directional updates. Here are some of the integrations we can provide:

  • Data Base Integration: SQL, Scribe
  • System Integrations: ERP, SharePoint, Azure, Office 365
  • Email Service Integration
  • Customer support facilities (Live chat, Call center)

Dynamics AX

Improve how your business operates by using Dynamics for finance and operations. The Dynamics for finance and operations is the perfect tool to incorporate all of your businesses’ tasks, operations and micro-managing the pipeline by unifying them all into one platform. Specifically designed for mid-sized to large companies, it is a multilingual ERP software platform whose strength lies in its customization; it can be fully customized to fit to your business, no matter the type of industry you work in.

What is the Dynamics AX capable of?
  • Manufacturing
    • Tailoring the Dynamics AX to support the specific needs of manufacturing businesses while delivering a low cost of ownership.
    • Supports build-to-order, engineer-to-order and build-to-forecast supply-chain models
  • Globalization
    • Support driving global business opportunities as it supports thousands of users and high transaction rates across multiple sites
    • Built-in languages, currencies and legal requirements
  • Financial management
    • Offers a range of financial capabilities to consolidate accounts with subsidiaries or distribution centers worldwide.
  • Customization
    • Fully customizable to aid in collaborating more effectively with customers, partners, employees and suppliers.

Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV (Navision) is an easy to use and customize ERP solution helping small and medium-sized businesses improve their automation of sales, purchasing, operations and inventory management. We here at Solutionade provide integration, implementation and customization of the Dynamics NAV solution to maximize the output and capabilities of your business.

Implementation and customization
By implementing Dynamics NAV into your business, you will have an easier access to everything that happens inside the company. You will have a better approach to your customers, better contact management and an easier way to keep track of your finances, assets and customers. By customizing the Dynamics NAV, we can assure you that you will never lose track of when things happen, how much ROI you have, no matter in which industry you are, whether you’re in the real estate industry, the healthcare industry or you’re just a software development company
Key features
The Dynamics NAV’s core features are those that are required most for maintaining a fluid development of a company. From Financial management to Human resources and Manufacturing, Dynamics NAV provides a variety of features and modules which we can customize and adapt to your needs and to your industry
The Dynamics NAV has two options for deployment: On premises or On Cloud. Depending on your needs, the on premises version must be maintained by a local expert, while the On cloud version reduces maintenance and support costs. We here at Solutionade are ready to keep your Dynamics NAV up to date while adding new features, add-ons and provide you with full support to keep your Dynamics NAV running. We will understand your demands and your requests while providing solutions that will not only benefit you, they will also surprise you with their efficiency and reliability

Bussiness Intelligence & Power BI

When we talk about Business intelligence, we talk about technologies, applications and practices for collecting, integrating, analyzing and presenting business information. The main goal of BI is to improve decision making in businesses. BI systems provide predictive views of operations, using data already gathered in databases and works from operational data

Power BI
Power BI is a suite of business tools that deliver insights throughout the organization, it connects hundreds of sources for data and simplifies preparation for further analysis as well as increasing the amount of future analysis based on the available information. Power BI is used to analyze, encompass and gain deep insight in how a project develops.