Dynamics 365 Sales: Take advantage of 2020 Release Wave 2 updates

In the 2020 release wave 2 of Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft brings even more simplified experiences for its users, new app integrations, and enhanced forecasting capabilities.

Dynamics 365 Sales is created entirely for the purpose of helping organizations strengthen customer relationships. Its out-of-the-box functionalities are adjusted to improve sales processes and efficiencies for organizations, to drive unique customer engagements and better organization’s understanding of their customer’s unique needs.

What’s new and ready to use?

Usability Improvements

As a salesperson, you are probably working closely with customers on a daily basis. Being constantly on the go requires you to be able to interact with the Dynamics 365 Sales application in the most efficient way possible. Navigating through activities such as opportunity management and in-product demonstrations require a user interface that’s easy to manage and drives productivity through seamless usability.

E-mail experience:

At the core of the many communication channels that sellers choose to use to interact with customers and prospects is Email. With the latest release wave of updates, Dynamics 365 Sales users get a consistently enhanced experience through each phase of the entire e-mail experience.

You can now edit, view correspondences, and reply to e-mails from the timeline.

File-attachment experience:

Sales leaders in organizations use PDF files to standardize sales documents and avoid repetitive errors appearing throughout the documents that they share. The ability to quickly preview, select, and manage multiple files makes it easier for salespeople to take advantage of PDFs and boost collaboration and productivity.

The latest release wave of updates in Dynamics 365 Sales enables sellers to share read-only PDFs for Dynamics 365 records with their customers.

  • Generate standardized PDF files using APIs
  • Simplified navigation, PDF preview, intuitive PDF exports, and email options
  • Create and share standardized PDF files for custom entities

Data management experience:

Dynamics 365 Sales users can take advantage of an enhanced data management experience starting Oct 2020. Navigating through all the data that flows in and out of your company and wasting time and effort to search, sort, and unify data can become an irritating task for users and damages their productivity.

To get the best use of your sales data, Dynamics 365 Sales enables you to maintain data clean and unified by improving the duplicate detection and merge user features which helps you avoid duplicate data entry and helps you make decisions backed by quality data.

  • If you’re updating a duplicate record, now you get to view more information that provides you with enough context to help determine why the record is flagged as a duplicate.
  • Merge dialog box: You can now merge the contact, account, or lead being added or updated directly from the Duplicate warning report.
  • With an enhanced cross-entity dialog box, D365 Sales users can now identify matched accounts and contact records when they are qualifying a lead.
  • You can enable the features listed above with a configurable Administration flag.

Improved forecasting capabilities

To make strategic sales decisions, organizations need advanced forecasting capabilities that allow their sales team to accurately forecast sales targets.

  • Fully customizable forecasts
  • Quick access to most recent forecasting files

With Dynamics 365 Sales forecasting capabilities you can manage and create bottom-up sales forecasting processes. Organizations that have Dynamics 365 as their CRM solution now have the ability to use custom entities for roll-ups and hierarchies, sales scenarios like opportunity splits and opportunity overlays are now supported.

Upcoming changes in D365 Sales forecasting capabilities include:

  • Forecasting by a specific dimension like product family or quantity.
  • Support for multicurrency – available to worldwide teams.

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