Empowering Women of Solutionade: Jovana’s Coding Journey

In the dynamic world of technology, women are making remarkable strides, and our Jovana is a shining example. As a Dynamics 365 CE Developer, Jovana generously took the time to provide insights into her coding journey for our special feature for International Women’s Day.


Meet Jovana: Dynamics 365 CE Developer 

Upon completing her college education, Jovana embarked on her coding journey, seamlessly transitioning into an internship at Solutionade. From that pivotal moment, coding became an inseparable part of her life as she entered the workforce. “It’s been a fascinating journey ever since,” she reflects, emphasizing the endless creativity and problem-solving possibilities that coding offers.

Favorite Coding Language or Technology: C# 

When asked about her favorite coding language or technology, Jovana has a clear favorite – C#. This language has become her tool of choice, allowing her to explore the intricacies of development and contribute to innovative solutions. 


A Glimpse into Jovana’s Coding World: 

One of Jovana’s favorite projects involved crafting a customized Dynamics 365 CE solution for a client. The challenge of tailoring the system to unique needs and witnessing the positive impact on operations made it a truly special endeavor. 


Notable Achievements and Career Milestones: 

Jovana’s career is marked by exploring new business logic within Dynamics 365 CE. She finds fulfillment in the constant learning and growth associated with mastering new concepts and techniques. Being recognized as a key contributor to optimizing business logic is a notable milestone, showcasing her commitment to excellence. 


Overcoming Challenges: 

In the ever-evolving field of coding, challenges are inevitable. Jovana faced complexities in navigating through integration issues but overcame them through collaboration, extensive research, and seeking mentorship. Her ability to tackle challenges head-on has enhanced her problem-solving skills. 


Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Women in Tech: 

“Don’t be afraid to break barriers and make your mark in the field,” Jovana advises aspiring women in tech. She emphasizes the essential role of their expertise in driving innovation and shaping the future of technology. 


Beyond Coding: Fun Anecdotes and Hobbies: 

Beyond the coding realm, Jovana enjoys participating in hackathons during her spare time. The thrill of solving problems under time constraints not only provides an adrenaline rush but also keeps her skills sharp in the fast-paced tech landscape. 

Jovana’s coding journey is an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance, continuous learning, and breaking barriers. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s recognize and applaud women like Jovana who are making significant contributions to the world of technology. 

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