Dynamics 365: Manage Customer Expectations with an Integrated Platform

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Successful businesses of today thrive on cross-functional efficiency, collaborative environments, automated workflows, intelligent insights and customer experience. While this success formula sounds incredible, it can be challenging to execute without an integrated and inherently intelligent business software like Dynamics 365 to unify these processes in one easily accessible solution.


Let us introduce you to the benefits of adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 and five powerful reasons why this software solution is right for your unique business and industry-specific needs.

Unified business processes 

You no longer need to transfer information across different systems or bounce through different apps in order to synchronize your data and business processes. Collecting and managing data from multiple systems and applications can drain your resources and time and you might have to consider implementing a unified solution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings data and processes from Sales to Supply Management together and enables you to oversee them in one seamlessly integrated cloud-based system that is easily accessible and allows for deep integration with Microsoft products and third-party applications. With one Common Data Model which is the shared data language used by Dynamics 365 applications you get the ability to manage consistent data across applications and business processes. With this model natively integrated within Dynamics 365, it will be easier for businesses to create new apps and connect your marketing, sales, service, finance, and operations. Having a cohesive and consistent communication between different business entities and applications, you will be able to integrate Dynamics 365 with Outlook or Office 365 and import data from Word or Excel or get reminders to schedule an appointment on your calendar when you get an e-mail from a customer asking for a meeting.

It’s all in the cloud (and secure!) 

You will not have to deal with data being lost or misplaced as Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform that allows you to store all your data and processes in one easily accessible and secure cloud system. With Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App Security, you will be rest assured that your data is protected even if you decide to export it. If you are a business that has to deal with specific compliance regulations for the data that you store in your ERP or CRM system, Dynamics 365 can still be deployed on-premise.

Scalable solution 

With its subscription licensing model, Dynamics 365 offers you the ability to scale. You can start your subscription with licenses and applications you need and grow your solution progressively to get the best value possible. Realize your full potential by exploring and integrating applications you’d like to complement to your existing apps and systems, but you can also choose to not utilize apps you don’t need or benefit from.

Intelligent insights 

In the past couple of years businesses have come to understand the valuable impact of data on business growth and efficiency and most of them have been attempting to improve their relationship with data. While it is proven by many that fully understanding your data leads to informed actions and accelerates business growth, a study by Forrester found that out of the 74% of firms that said they strive to be data-driven, only 29% are good at connecting data analytics to actions. With Power BI, a primary business intelligence platform for Dynamics 365 apps, you are provided with the opportunity to analyze data across one unified interface and gain actionable insights, predict opportunities and visualize your data, and you don’t have to be a data scientist to do so with the latest advances of Microsoft AI incorporated into the platform. Gartner’s 2020 magic quadrant for analytics and BI platforms positioned Microsoft as an industry leader for creating AI solutions that bring actionable insights and intelligent data analytics for businesses.

Loyal customers 

To dive deep into your customer data and understand their intrinsic needs is an important step towards building a long-lasting relationship. Customers today have increasingly more power, higher expectations and constantly-evolving needs, which requires companies to implement intelligent software solutions to guide them on their journey to digital transformation. Dynamics 365 apps for Sales, Marketing or Customer Service helps you personalize the way you communicate with your customers by providing you with the ability to get predictive leads scoring with the help of AI, gain social insights through integrated tools or manage targeted campaigns that strengthen customer relationships.

Solutionade can help 

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 to bring such results, it is of utmost importance for businesses to get guidance and support for their implementation, integration or consulting needs. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you enrich your experience with Dynamics 365, drop us a message!

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