Beyond The Dynamics: The Faces Behind Solutionade

Meet Mihail, a Cloud BizzApps Engineer at Solutionade. In this interview, Mihail shares his experience working in the field, how Solutionade has supported his personal and professional growth, and advice for those just starting out in a career in Microsoft Dynamics.

Question 1: What inspired you to pursue a career in Microsoft Dynamics, and how did you end up at Solutionade?

Mihail: Imagine stumbling upon a hidden treasure in the digital expanse – that’s exactly how Microsoft Dynamics felt to me. My friend Filip told me about Solutionade, and I thought I’d give it a shot – turns out, it was a fantastic decision. I started as an Intern, which wasn’t easy, but thanks to my mentors, I got to learn a lot about Dynamics. They guided me and helped me understand this exciting world.

Question 2: Can you walk us through your career journey so far at Solutionade? What have been some of your biggest challenges and successes?

Mihail: My journey at Solutionade has been a mix of ups and downs that helped me grow. When I started as an Intern, it was tough, but my mentors were like guiding lights. They showed me the ropes and helped me learn a bunch about Dynamics. Each challenge I faced became a lesson, and I’m grateful for the experiences that shaped me.

Question 3: How has Solutionade supported your personal and professional growth, and what resources have been most helpful?

Mihail: Solutionade has been a real game-changer for me. It’s like a place where I’ve grown a lot – both in my work skills and how I handle things in general. They had all these really useful resources that helped me understand Dynamics better, kind of like having a treasure trove of knowledge at my fingertips. Plus, being around my colleagues turned out to be a great thing. It’s not just about work – they helped me improve how I work with people and how I carry myself professionally. It’s been a complete learning experience that’s made me better in so many ways.

Question 4: Can you share a specific project or accomplishment that you’re particularly proud of in your time at Solutionade?

Mihail: One project that truly shines as a highlight of my journey at Solutionade is the HR Module. This venture held a special place for me, especially considering it was one of the projects I tackled during my internship. Admittedly, at the outset, it felt like a mountain to climb – a substantial challenge that demanded my best efforts. However, as I rolled up my sleeves and delved into the intricacies of the project, I uncovered a wealth of insights about Dynamics and its real-world applications.

Question 5: How do you see your career progressing in the future, and what goals do you have for yourself at Solutionade?

 Mihail: Looking ahead, I want to become someone reliable and trusted, helping people with smart solutions in the world of Dynamics. Just like how Dynamics keeps changing and improving, I see myself growing too. I want to be a part of this exciting journey, contributing to the team’s success at Solutionade and making a difference in the business world.

Question 6: Can you tell us about a mentor or colleague who has had a significant impact on your career, and how they’ve influenced you?

Mihail: I’ve been lucky to have some really helpful colleagues and mentors. People like Igor, Elena, Filip Sh, Hristijan, and Vasil have been like guiding stars for me. They’ve not only taught me a lot about my job but also showed me how to be better at what I do. Their support and friendship have made a big impact on my journey, both professionally and personally.

Question 7: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in a career in Microsoft Dynamics, or someone looking to join Solutionade?

Mihail: If you’re starting with Microsoft Dynamics, here’s a helpful tip: Get involved in the lively Dynamics community – it’s a treasure trove of knowledge and connections. Pick an area you enjoy and learn lots – you’ll become an expert. And if you’re thinking about your next move, consider this – Solutionade is more than a workplace, it’s a place where you can learn and grow. Join us, be part of a dynamic team, and help shape the world of business magic.

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