Office 365 & Dynamics 365 Sales: Increase sales productivity with familiar tools

Customer engagement can be significantly more challenging for small and medium-sized companies who often have a multitude of unaligned sales tools or don’t have the right sales solutions at hand to manage their customers’ journeys.

But SMBs don’t have to embark on bumpy customer journeys nor navigate through broken sales processes and scattered customer data. Instead, by implementing a scalable solution that unifies your data and processes, you will be able to streamline your sales processes, personalize the customer journey, and ultimately close your deals.

SMBs are eager to invest in sales technology but often end up with a big stack of unaligned tools that don’t integrate well together and sales teams can’t get a holistic view of their customer data. Investing in a holistic and scalable solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales eliminates the risk of abandoned technology stacks, frustrated sales teams, and scattered customer data that prevents your organization from enabling personalized customer experiences.

                                                   Enable collaborative sales teams

While your sales team is struggling to juggle between the disparate tools and the scattered data all over different applications, you don’t want to overwhelm them with unfamiliar productivity tools. To create a collaborative and productive culture within your organization, ensure that your team can easily communicate and create valuable customer interactions.

Dynamics 365 for Sales allows you to share and enrich documents as well as communicate seamlessly by integrating with the Office 365 stack, so you can leverage productivity applications like Outlook, OneNote, Word, or Excel.

Create intelligent sales strategies

Your sales team needs to be able to dig deep into customer data and understand which customer interactions bring the most value to your organization. our sales tools should deliver reports enriched with actionable insights to empower you to make proactive decisions and strengthen your customer relationships.

Maximize your sales efforts through intelligent and proactive insights that Dynamics 365 for Sales brings. With predictive AI forecasting that gives you historical and real-time insights on your pipeline’s performance, you can easily prioritize leads and opportunities that are more likely to convert.

Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation 

You can get on the fast track to successfully close deals only if your sales team has fully adopted the CRM system so they can get the most out of their customer interactions. Through a unified user interface, email integration, embedded AI, and automated sales processes, your team can get a holistic view of accounts, leads, and opportunities and gain actionable insights that enable your organization to become proactive and fully engaged in your customers’ journey.

Solutionade helps you enrich your digital transformation.

Solutionade’s Managed Services are designed to provide you operational support and nurture your Cloud business applications or on-prem CRM systems long after the implementation stage. By doing this, we ensure your team stays focused on growth and innovation, rather than wasting time and resources on maintaining or developing your applications.

If you are curious to find out how Solutionade differentiates or can help you reduce operational costs and enrich your technology – request your Managed Services quote today. 

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