Microsoft Dynamics 365: How to Choose Your Ideal IT Managed Services Provider

The concept of Managed IT Support Services goes beyond its existence as a buzzword amongst the Microsoft MSP community – it is a model that has transformed how companies engage with their business applications and technology.

With the sudden shift to remote work and deployments – IT departments are increasingly more reliant on managed service providers to reduce emerging data security risks and are actively seeking ongoing support for their cloud enablement journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications.

What should you look for in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Managed Services Provider? We put together a couple of questions you should consider when evaluating your managed service provider.

Is your Dynamics 365 Managed Service partner reactive or proactive?

In the past, businesses have dealt with IT service providers that deliver reactive break/fix Dynamics 365 support services and would leave CRMs and business applications abandoned past the implementation phase.

The challenge is even bigger for most small & mid-size businesses whose IT teams lack the expertise and resources to successfully transition to a cloud-based solution, to develop or support the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications. If your IT team has to constantly juggle back and forth between ensuring the system runs smoothly and working on innovative digital transformation solutions, you may find that the overall productivity within your organization is significantly damaged.

Proactive Microsoft Dynamics 365 Managed Services partners have shifted focus from issue-based break/fix maintenance support services and now address a wide range of clients’ needs such as 24/7 service desk, application and incident management, continuous monitoring, reliable backup and recovery, managed update services, and ongoing development and system/application integration support.

When going through the list of your potential Dynamics 365 managed service providers, consider the breadth of their services and the depth of their expertise, but don’t forget to also evaluate their capability to monitor your system and address issues like system downtime or errors before they make an impact on your business applications.

Does your MSP care about user-adoption within your organization?

User adoption is crucial to keeping your teams productive, your ROI high and your organization engaged. In a survey conducted by Forrester with the intent to understand the challenges of those dealing with CRM systems/business applications, 38% of respondents claimed their challenges were the result of inadequate change management and training efforts as well as slow alignments of the organization with the new ways of working.
From the outset, the employees within your organization that use the technology on a daily basis are the ones that are going to be able to pinpoint functionality or business process issues and difficulties – which is why it’s important for them to be involved throughout the whole process.

Luckily, proactive Dynamics 365 Managed Services Providers seek to understand why adopting this technology might be difficult for users and dedicate hours to user training and fostering adoption.

What is the coverage of their Service Desk?

For SMBs It can be twice as challenging to manage unpredictable downtime of their key applications and managing break/fix issues when you should be focusing on creating value instead, can significantly damage your productivity and ability to scale.

So, what’s going to happen if you experience downtime? What If technical issues arise out of nowhere? Can your IT team in-house address these issues on the spot? When evaluating MSPs, make sure to evaluate the availability of their service desk, as well as their ability to respond quickly and proactively.

At Solutionade, we know that keeping your systems and applications running without interruptions will boost your organization’s productivity and minimize downtime issues. Our dedicated Dynamics 365 support services team is ready to assist you remotely 24/7 and help you alleviate the most urgent technical issues quickly, with a guaranteed 2 hrs response time.

How will your Dynamics 365 MSP support your organization’s growth?

A dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Managed Services Provider joins you in your efforts to transition and adapt to the critical cloud-based business applications, helps you understand the functionality, and pre-assesses the risk, impact, and benefits gained from the solution.

Solutionade’s Managed Services are designed to provide you operational support and nurture your Cloud business applications or on-prem CRM systems long after the implementation stage. By doing this, we ensure your team stays focused on growth and innovation, rather than wasting time and resources on maintaining or developing your applications.

If you are in the process of evaluating different Microsoft Dynamics 365 MSPs and are curious to find out how Solutionade differentiates or can help you reduce operational costs and enrich your technology – request your Managed Services quote today. 

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