What is LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365 Sales?

IThe world of B2B sales has been drastically changing in recent years with buyers shifting towards a fully digital buying behavior and sellers adapting and reshaping sales to the new digital landscape.

The key to capturing great opportunities and strong wins for sellers is having reliable, real-time customer data. Organizations that are embracing digital selling are enabling their sales teams to streamline sales processes by leveraging digital tools and data to better understand customer behavior.

Organizations that are looking to embrace relationship selling and enable their sales team to make the most of their time with prospects and customers need a trusted and reliable source of data.

With the integration of Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, sellers get a unified view of customer data that empowers their key decision-making and keeps sellers connected to their customers through meaningful and personalized engagement.

What is LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365 Sales?

This year, LinkedIn announced the availability of a new product in the LinkedIn Sales Solutions portfolio LinkedIn Sales Insights, which integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Sales.

With this integration, organizations that use Dynamics 365 Sales as their CRM, will be equipped with reliable, trusted, and aggregated data that is provided by LinkedIn Sales Insights.

Instead of having your sales team spending most of their time gathering unreliable data from various sources, having aggregated data at scale combined with powerful tools that bring actionable insights helps sellers to stay focused on building meaningful relationships with customers.

LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365 Sales helps sellers with:

Prioritizing Accounts

Within the LinkedIn Sales Insights tab on Dynamics 365 Sales, you can see detailed company information including Industry, Global Employee Count, Global Employee Growth (%), and more. Having the ability to access this information for all account records matched from LinkedIn, with daily automated updates of the data, ensuring reliable and relevant data is recorded directly in your Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM.

Evaluating Opportunities

With LinkedIn Sales Insights, you can drill into data related to size and growth of company departments and functions within your targeted account as well. This helps sellers to easily evaluate and spot opportunities within existing accounts and gives them space to focus on nurturing those opportunities.

Are you getting the most out of Dynamics 365 Sales?

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