2021 Dynamics 365 Release Wave 1 Highlights: New features in Dynamics 365 Sales

The plans for Microsoft’s’ first release wave of updates on Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform report on the most recent updates and feature enhancements. The 2021 Release Wave 1 documents for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform can be found on the following link:


These reports explain in greater detail the latest features and how organizations can benefit from them. To help you avoid reading hundreds of pages of reports – we highlighted the key updates for Dynamics 365 Sales.

Dynamics 365 Sales comes with exciting updates in functionality and optimizations based on customer feedback. The most recent updates to this Microsoft business application are made to help salespeople get tasks done easily while staying focused on selling, enable intelligent decision making based on comprehensive data, and enhance the mobile experience.

Digital selling

With the goal to enable sellers to easily manage leads, opportunities, and custom entities, the new mobile experience is tailored to meet the specific business needs different organizations to have.

Enhanced personal settings

A personalized experience for Dynamics 365 Sales mobile users through:

  • Access to advanced email templates and signature editor
  • Ability to move personal settings to a dedicated are in Dynamics 365 Sales Hub app

Automation and adaptive sequences

To help sellers reduce manual processes, the latest release wave includes sequence automation, sequence forks (reactive sequences), and sequence listener.

  • Sequence Automation:
    • Automatically send emails when email activity is the next step in the sequence
    • Adding email automation support
    • Personalize email templates to send from another seller account
  • Sequence forks: Reactive sequences that can pick up the next steps based on triggers such as sending an e-mail or making a call
  • Sequence listener:
    • Listener for email engagement: email opens, email link click, attachment viewed, and even sentiment;
    • Listener for phone conversations: sentiment, keyword, competitor mention, and more.

Personalized work queue

Users can now get a personalized work queue to help them stay on top of all types of tasks & can send an email or call a customer directly for the customer’s record.

  • User-defined advanced settings and views for the work queue
  • Integrated view into Outlook meetings
  • Start new Microsoft Teams meetings from within the accelerator

Engagement Platform

  • Easily integrate your telephony provider with out-of-the-box functionalities
  • Provide business insights on top of any type of sales call


The latest release wave of updates enables a new mobile experience for sellers that provides quick & easy real-time access to important customer information whenever or wherever they need it.

Log in and share information effortlessly

The value your CRM apps bring relies heavily on the quality of data and information that sellers are logging in. To make it easier for sellers to log in important info on the go, they can:

  • Scan notes, cards
  • Analysis of notes
  • Extracting tasks from existing notes

Never miss a detail in customer engagement

To help sellers avoid overlooking important customer information while performing weekly customer engagements through their mobile devices – the new mobile experience in D365 Sales provides the following features:

  • Automatic transcription of calls and online meetings
  • Automatic assignment of each call to relevant D365 entities and automatically filling out CRM data
  • Intelligent insights on existing conversations (Unified Interface only)

Find, create & interact with valuable customer information

The new mobile app takes the pain away from mobile UX, sellers can easily interact, find and create relevant customer data and always follow up on time with these features:

  • Activity management inbox and to-do experience
  • Follow up with one-click

Stay prepared

To get more time to prepare prior engaging with customers, sellers can now access relevant customer information quickly with these features:

  • Rich information per meeting participant taken from LinkedIn and D365 Insights
  • Integrate personal contacts with Dynamics 365
  • Easy access to files, notes and emails

Pipeline Manager Workspace

In this release wave, Dynamics 365 for Sales brings a new personalized workspace that is completely optimized for sales pipeline management. This workspace empowers sellers to quickly filter through the necessary information and come up with actionable ideas and intelligent decisions.

Quickly filter data within workspace through data slicers

  • Data slicers based on a grid column
  • Time slicers to filter data based on time parameters
  • The search filter to help sellers quickly find a record

Ability to customize and configure the record side panel form

  • New out-of-the-box record side panel forms for opportunity, contact, and account entities
  • Ability to customize the forms with customer attributes
  • Support for business rules & server-side plug-ins

Interactive visual charts that can be personalized by sellers

  • Three out-of-the-box charts (bubble, funnel, and bar chart)
  • Interactive charts that act as filters
  • Chart fields that can be configured by sellers to fit their requirements

Next steps…

If you need help with enabling the latest features of Dynamics 365 Sales or need help migrating to – or implementing Dynamics 365, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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