5 ways Dynamics 365 for Customer Service brings you closer to customers

In an era when everyone is hyper-connected and data is easily shared and collected, customers demand a more personalized experience from the brands they love. The organizations that choose to excel at providing engaging and highly proactive customer service are the ones that end up building trust, loyalty, and customer retention. Omnichannel, data-driven, and AI-fueled customer experiences are the present and future of building strong customer relationships.

To turn these expectations into reality it is of utmost importance for organizations to bring together behavioral and transactional data to deliver mass personalization to their customers.

Omnichannel capabilities

To meet the expectations of the tech-savvy customer of today organizations often offer support through various channels – from email to virtual agents, live chat, and self-service knowledge bases. The challenge to overcome, however, isn’t to provide support through multiple channels but to manage the overwhelming number of support requests that come with it, as well as to provide a consistent and comprehensive service experience across each of the channels. The quality of service your customers experience through e-mail should be at the same level as their experience on the phone.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service’s omnichannel capabilities elevate the customers’ experience by giving your support agents access to a comprehensive customer knowledge base, assign cases to agents based on their skillset, manage multiple sessions at once, speed up customer interactions, get real-time notifications on support requests, find pre-prepared agent scripts and integrate Power Virtual Agent bots – all from a single unified interface.

Knowledge management

The key to resolving support requests quickly and efficiently and avoid confusing back and forth interactions with your customers is to have a structured knowledge repository where they can find answers to frequently asked questions and commonly reported issues.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you can create rich knowledge articles with dynamic HTML content, manage the entire article lifecycle through automated business process flows, schedule articles for publishing beforehand, define expiration dates for outdated articles and track how often each article is viewed or sent to customers.

Case lifecycle management

To overcome overwhelming caseloads and manage the case lifecycle more efficiently, Dynamics 365 Customer Service makes it easier to find and manage cases through interactive dashboards and case forms. With visual filters and interactive charts, you can drill down through data and easily prioritize cases to resolve.

Self-service portals

Customers need support – and they need it now. As soon as possible. They don’t want to be alienated from the process of fixing their issues and want to be up to date with their support case.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service gives your support agents and your customers the opportunity to interact through self-service portals that allow customers to monitor support cases, access knowledge base articles, or get re-directed to community forums where they get feedback from peers on similar issues they are facing.

Customer Service Insights

To deliver personalized service experiences to your customers, you need to gain an understanding of how the issues your customers are facing affect key performance indicators (KPIs), emerging trends amongst support issues, and how to measure customer satisfaction levels.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights, all your support cases get grouped into topics based on similarity – which allows you to prioritize and resolve the cases that need your immediate attention. Powered by AI, you can make smarter decisions about how to automate service process flows and optimize for exceptional delivery

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