Free UUI and Cloud Migration Assessments for Dynamics 365

Dynamics users, especially Legacy Dynamics users will soon have to reconsider upgrading their CRM systems and transition to the cloud and the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface. Migrating data can be a complex process that needs to be well-planned and smoothly executed for organizations to reduce cost and enhance user-adoption simultaneously.

If you are a business that has recently adopted remote work, you have most likely noticed how important having your data in the cloud can be.  A Unified User Interface that is consistent on all devices including phones and tablets and connects all departments from Sales to Field Service could enhance your working from home experience too.

 team of D365 experts is dedicated to helping organizations enrich their Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE experience, which is why we are offering:


We created a list of a few tips and a glimpse into our approach to the Unified User Interface transformation.

  • To Increase user-adoption: Involve and communicate with stakeholders early – the Unified Interface should reflect the current ways of working.
  • Prepare and clean-up: Analyze your current systems, apps and integrations. Identify key issues to solve prior to the migration and examine areas that will be updated to the new Unified Interface
  • Test, test, test: Testing your changes on designated groups of users will help you detect additional areas for optimization before migrating all your users to the new unified interface.

FREE Migration to the Cloud Assessment for Dynamics 365

How do you ensure your data and processes are successfully migrated to the cloud?

  • Get your team on board.
    It is critical to get buy-in from stakeholders when migrating your CRM platform to the cloud. Allow them to define their cases, workflows and business processes to make sure the right sets of data are being transitioned to the cloud.
  • Test, Test, Test
    Testing your migration to the cloud will filter out data quality issues that could affect the live environment.
  • Contact a Microsoft Partner.
    Talk to a certified Dynamics 365 consultant to eliminate risk before migrating to the cloud to ensure your data and processes will be migrated with minimal impact on your business.

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