Previewing Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App

For the sellers that are spending significant time on-the-go and constantly traveling to meet customers – a Dynamics 365 Sales mobile-first experience with easy access to customer information and seamless UI is here to help sellers complete tasks on the go.

With the mobile app for Dynamics 365 for Sales, sellers will have all the customer information and insight they need at their fingertips. The app is optimized for sellers that are on the go and allows them to access the most current information and complete tasks on time.

Why do you need the D365 Sales Mobile App?

If your sales team is on the road most of the time – it might be a challenge for your sellers to access key information and make updates quickly. With the D365 Sales mobile app, sellers get a mobile experience carefully curated to meet the specific challenges for field sellers and save valuable time.

What features does the Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App bring?

Sellers have had the trouble of wasting time on searching for records or information that doesn’t necessarily appear in quick links. D365 Sales for Mobile is now optimized to offer quick and easy access for records and customer information.

  • Search Experience: search suggestions, search as you type, search result grouping.
  • Responsive Lists: Optimized for drill-down and bulk actions.
  • Mobile-optimized forms
  • Enhanced navigation with gesture support on both iOS and Android.
  • Easy access to important information & quick updates
  • Access and update account and opportunity details wherever you are
  • Customer information is right at your fingertips – effortlessly find important customer details on the go.

The Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App is currently a public preview release, which means that this release is subject to change and is available to partners and customers to test and provide feedback.

Enable Dynamics 365 Mobile App for preview

If you’d like to preview the Dynamics 365 Mobile App, you can go to System Settings > Mobile Client and select Yes to agree with the Terms and Conditions for enabling the preview.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Solutionade’s team If you have any questions regarding Dynamics 365 Sales.

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