Gain competitive advantage with custom software solutions.

Combining the latest technologies with the passion of our developers results in designing high quality software.

Look no further when it comes to developing and designing custom software. Being practical ourselves, we strive to develop what is best for you. Combining functionality, appearance and performance, we design software that is fit for your needs, is backed by the latest technology and can be operated on multiple platforms. User-friendly applications with fluid navigation, data bases, customized UI and filled with the content you desire, the software we develop for you will be provided on budget and on time.

.Net Development

The .Net framework is the starting point of every application. We make sure you get an unmatched and satisfactory experience while we develop, build and configure applications made to fulfill your demands, whether it’s for your desktop, mobile or a web application. Creating web applications makes them easier to follow, easy to use and are overall more functional.

Mobile Applications

Whether you require an app for the iOS or the Android platform, our senior members got you covered. Their amassed experience allows them to provide you with a solution that is made to your specifications. Their strong UI/UX skills bring out the best in your vision by making it a reality. The mobile application industry strives to become the biggest in the IT department. We keep up with the pace by developing and designing cutting-edge applications from every idea, we make sure you have the world at your fingertips.

Unity Development

Solutionade offers to create a whole world envisioned by you, whether it’s 2D or 3D across any of the 27 platforms that Unity covers. Open a whole new world in your game with the aid of our senior developers and their knowledge of the Unity engine, Photoshop and their strong analytical skills.

Website Development

Not satisfied with your current layout? We can design a new look for your website. We can update your website with the newest technologies and themes, make it more responsive, more fluid and overall more functional. If you don’t have a website, we can create one from scratch according to your guidelines and desires, while you follow us as we develop during the entire process, from start to finish.

Other Services We Offer