Dynamics CRM solutions for customer engagement, interaction, and management.

Customization and custom design

At Solutionade, our first priority is meeting the expectations of our clients, and as such you have the final word when it comes to finalizing the outlook of the CRM you requested. We put our minds and thoughts into developing the most punctual, specialized version for your CRM. The real power of the Dynamics CRM/365 platform comes from the unlimited possibility of customizing, extending and integrating to fit your organization’s requirements. Backed up by our expertise, there’s nothing you cannot do.

Here are a few examples of the possibilities we can offer:

  • Customized personal theme
  • Customized entities and relationships, forms, dashboards, ribbons and sitemap
  • Extensions and plugins for more complete workflows and requirements
  • Integrating with the company’s ERP system, email synchronization, other software and plugins
  • Mobility device integration

The best part is that YOU decide what is important. Have a policy where customers are contacted multiple times? Custom CRM solutions are perfect for that. YOU decide how they work.


If you have chosen the Dynamics platform as the best solution for your organization, deciding a method of implementation and deployment might be tough. If you still haven’t decided whether you would go for the on-premise or the cloud version, we’re here to help you figure out what works best for your business.

On premise Online
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Less expensive long term Higher Up-front costs Low IT infrastructure investment Expensive over time
Stronger integration benefits Require In-house IT skills Fast to deploy Limited advanced customization capabilities
Rich customization capabilities IT infrastructure requirements Predictable Per-user, Per-month Price Limited integration benefits
Data and risk management handled locally IT infrastructure handled by 3rd party Data Handled by 3rd party

The main difference is that with On premise, you will deploy CRM on your own server(s) giving you complete control of the management and maintenance of your database in house, while with the Online version, the CRM is hosted on your provider’s server. It does not require installation on your office or home computer. The customer pays a subscription fee and connects to CRM remotely through their web browser using a login and password. Synonyms for Online CRM are Hosted CRM, Cloud CRM, Web-based CRM and SaaS CRM. You’ll need to properly size the architecture of your solution: know where you’re going with your solution so that your IT team knows what to prepare for. Will it be a business critical application or can you tolerate some downtime during the year? Do you need to integrate with multiple different systems? Do you need to access the solution from outside your company network? Do you need a mobility approach? Which clients are you looking to use (Web, Outlook, Mobile, Custom)? Will/can you share your infrastructure with other business teams in your organization? Your architecture will change depending on your key workload and your infrastructure may need to have specifics outputs or integrations points.

Development, migration and updating

Solutionade takes great care of its clients, starting from the default version all the way to the final updates and total data migration. The development process begins when you as a client provide a draft of what you wish to achieve with your CRM. The first step is designing and building an effective and usable solution that covers the data base diagrams, software components, extensions and addons. With tools like Enterprize Architect we make prototyping and visualizing possible for the full process of your business, getting us fully ready to implement it in the smallest detail in a time and cost-effective manner. Microsoft is making sure that their clients’ needs are met and are working non-stop to deliver new features into their CRM platform to make their lives easier. Every time they have important functionalities to be released to the users they have a major update. When we are doing a platform update, whether it is a single or a multi-version upgrade, we deeply analyze the client’s system from different perspectives, i.e. JavaScript usage, plug-ins, integrations and custom reports plus any specific functionality your business process may contain and we make a complete one time offer for the entire upgrade, presenting you with key points our team will have to keep in mind when migrating your system to a newer version.

It is important for an organization to have the required amount of expertise to ensure smooth migration of data from their existing system to a newer system. We make sure that the work load of the partner is lowered by providing support to ensure that the partner understands the data point and their significance.

Custom web development

Among our development services, we also offer development of portals, which are websites that you can customize to provide a more personalized experience to your customers, partners or internal employees. By creating a custom portal, you can deliver a branded repository where portal users can perform a number of tasks. It’s your best choice to bring the most of the required information out to your clients or partners through the internet.

Other Solutions