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An ERP solution fully customized to connect your sales, operations perfectly fit for medium-sized and small businesses.

Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV (Navision) is an easy to use and customize ERP solution helping small and medium-sized businesses improve their automation of sales, purchasing, operations and inventory management. We here at Solutionade provide integration, implementation and customization of the Dynamics NAV solution to maximize the output and capabilities of your business.

To have the best results from your business, an automated solution that takes care of the pipeline, the connection between customers and overall organization of the company, the Dynamics NAV provides numerous benefits which we here at Solutionade can provide for you. Some of those are:

Implementation and customization

By implementing Dynamics NAV into your business, you will have an easier access to everything that happens inside the company. You will have a better approach to your customers, better contact management and an easier way to keep track of your finances, assets and customers.

By customizing the Dynamics NAV, we can assure you that you will never lose track of when things happen, how much ROI you have, no matter in which industry you are, whether you’re in the real estate industry, the healthcare industry or you’re just a software development company.

Key features of the Dynamics NAV

The Dynamics NAV’s core features are those that are required most for maintaining a fluid development of a company. From Financial management to Human resources and Manufacturing, Dynamics NAV provides a variety of features and modules which we can customize and adapt to your needs and to your industry.


The Dynamics NAV has two options for deployment:

On premises or On Cloud. Depending on your needs, the on premises version must be maintained by a local expert, while the On cloud version reduces maintenance and support costs. We here at Solutionade are ready to keep your Dynamics NAV up to date while adding new features, add-ons and provide you with full support to keep your Dynamics NAV running.

We will understand your demands and your requests while providing solutions that will not only benefit you, they will also surprise you with their efficiency and reliability.

Other Solutions

Other Solutions